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One observation: pollution is not decreasing!

The team begins to think about a simple but effective solution to fight against the pollution of packaging and single-use items.

Fev 22, 2020

The covid crisis is turning everything upside down!

This crisis will strengthen us in the idea that we must act! Consumption of used packaging is exploding along with home delivery for food and parcels.

Mar 15, 2020

Our ideas put together, the solution sees the light of day!

we will fight against cardboard and single-use plastic. These products surge in our living spaces, overflow our trash cans, pollute our environment and contaminate our food chain!

Mar 27, 2020
Kommpo was born

Kommpo was born

Here is our first website and our first logo, branding.

Mar 30, 2020

Our first product is born.

We created a first prototype of cup, goblet and chopsticks

Apr 18, 2020

Our second product test was a success!

Our range is growing! Simple, solid products resistant to liquids, hot and cold! On the way to make cardboard and plastic packaging disappear! Step by step !

Jun 9, 2020

Creation of our Facebook and Instagram page V1

We arrive on the networks!

Jun 16, 2020

Startup !

We go into the deep end, we found our company!

Jul 18, 2020

Belgium Belgium !

We join the company incubator in Charleroi!

Sep, 2020

First big customer!

We have the honor and the chance to supply our products to the International French Comedy Festival in Liege. But the covid19 ... comes back .... :-( This is only a postponement ! More motivated than ever!

Oct , 2020

Christmas and end of the year.

Happy New Year everyone!

Dec, 2020
New Branding and new logo!

New Branding and new logo!

Fev 22, 2021

New Instagram and Facebook!

kommpo_tableware = Instagram ------- https://rb.gy/kyvetq = Facebook

Mar 25, 2021

New products !!!

We can offer you two ranges of 100% compostable products, without any chemical additives, without artificial colors! THAT NATURAL! And compostable in 30 days. A colorful and light range, a natural and rustic range.

Apr 18, 2021
Kommpo !

Kommpo !

Clean the planet one meal at a time ! We made eco-friendly disposable tableware & packaging 100% compostable from green waste!

The Factory !

We are working hard to set up our beautiful Kommpo factory in Charleroi, in the south of Belgium in order to provide our European customers with the best products and the best service!


To be continued...

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